Awareness About Some Human Species!

Remember, those elementary science books and classes that taught us humans can be classified into either herbivore or omnivores. And accepted that because we were kids with brains not developed enough to know the other types of humans. Yes, there exists the “Other” categories too…. Now, as I believe that my brain can interpret the […]

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The Winning Efforts

Success is a long journey that needs an enthusiastic traveler and a backpack filled with courage to keep him moving.  Courage comes into the role when failures happen. These failures seem like barricades blocking your way .Still is it just the barricades and courage that makes him win ? No. It is the effort that […]

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The Destroying Crane

Sometimes Water that can save you and give you a New Life, can also drown you and give you a Phobia for a lifetime. But, if one learns to swim his way out than no amount of water can scare him. Our Brains has depth much deeper than what you can imagine and this depth […]

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