I’ve been reading lots of blogs, articles, tweets and Instagram posts: telling things one can do during this period of lockdown, there are so many self-proclaimed experts on “how to spend this time the best way” on the internet. In every post, these experts are pinning us to get together all of our lives’ shit in 60 days’ time. Claiming that all of our lives are bound to get doomed if we don’t follow them, if we don’t rush and make our lives a three-month mission!

Such posts frustrate me a lot and are making every day a ruckus. These people are making even isolation a competition. (competition on)                              ‘How one can put a fancier show of their quarantine time for others; being totally inconsiderate to the people who are having a shortage of even basic essentials OR How one can tell better, that if they don’t come out with some great skills after all of this: their life might be of no use further: without giving a thought that such things might belittle someone’s effort to cope up with already pent up pressure in their lives.

First, when the world wasn’t locked up, these people told us all the similar stuff: that our lives are nothing, if we can’t make a high class “looking” portfolios out of it, promoting ideas like make your lives “picturesque”. People are even manipulated to cut short their lives into one perfect frame and just when you achieve it run to take another or your feed=life would be lost!



It’s a tough time for everyone, kindly don’t make it worse by fiddling with someone’s mental health as well.

Let me share with you what they always miss to see 🔍


          Calm down yourself, all of your inner hustles, the struggles that you don’t even get to speak of all that is okay. Most of the people you see and know are messed up too, some of them are just better at putting up a show.

You are the best source for finding peace, for yourself.

There’s no hurry.

You are allowed to be lost. You are allowed to grab your own pace of learning or doing something new and you can have fun even without making it a live show to the world. That whoever you are: You’re Incomparable, your struggles and your experiences aren’t things that could be compared; for everyone, it’s their own.

Stop blaming yourself for every little thing. Focus only on things that are in your power.

Life is not a movie and it Can Not be contained in a single shot. It takes time for everything to happen. All of the things in this world fall into their right places at the right time.

And to all those experts trying to pressurize you, tell them what Taylor says


In this Lifetime,
If you succeed in making lives, easier and happier
for even 3 people
then your life’s worth is much higher than the million rest.


ps: this was my rant on the “self” proclaimed experts and not on everyone

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