Every Pollution Needs Solution

Here is the line of a song and for me this line has become impossible to forget. Maybe because I don’t want to..


Our Sweetheart works all day long: to keep us alive and to let us an another day to cherish what we have. But, What do we give it in return? We give pollution (most of the time). We have forgotten that even our hearts are natural resources that needs to be taken care of.

There are many pollutants that causes pollution like hatred, grudges against someone, jealousy, holding on things that are meant to slip away…etc. These pollutants when gets accumulated over our heart: doesn’t let the light in. And we know the importance of light in our lives. A heart with the absence of light will become cold and might even freeze. A frozen heart will make you numb. The frightening part of going numb is that you will not feel the numbness also.

Every Pollution needs Solution. Lets save our sweethearts and for this I will try to write down some ways…..

  1. Nature: Take walks everyday; somewhere you can get fresh oxygen. Walk barefoot on the grass; early morning.The freshness of dewdrops will remain with you all day long.
  2. Smell good=Feel good
  3. Dress simple but still good: Before you leave your house for work/ school  look at yourself in the mirror. If you are looking smart/good/fresh. A smile will appear on your face automatically.
  4. Give complements to yourself and to others as well; everyday.

But what to when someone hurts you? Give them your “32 teeth”  smile; every-time they see you. This has got four benefits. First, it will destroy the confidence of that person; Second, it will make you stronger ;Third, it will make you feel beautiful in and out.

Fourth and the most important; when you will smile your brain will receive the signal telling that you’re happy and then it will make your whole body know and since, our hearts don’t have brains: it will accept all the information given by the brain without any question. 

This way you can dust off all those pollutants covering your heart and lighten it. 

Bonus tip: If you get a chance: than just go and Hug a kid they are full of positive energies as they remain unaware of the Worldly Cruelties.  

Try to find love or some goodness in everything. I know its easy to write and difficult to follow but, There is no Harm in running an extra mile for Something Solely Dedicated To You.

Think For Your Heart 


Your Heart Doesn’t Have Brains

To Do So…❤️ ❤️


9 thoughts on “Every Pollution Needs Solution

  1. Every pollution needs solution indeed. We need to take care of ourselves both physically and psychologically. As you have rightly said we have to get rid of everything that will make us not to be happy since we need joy to be okay in its real sense. Thanks for this!

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  2. My family swears a lot. So I got into the habit as well. But then an image came to me: randomly swearing is like randomly throwing trash. It’s a form of pollution.

    I still swear but that image helps reduce the gratuitous swearing. And I’m all for free speech and even the benefits of swearing. But sometimes it’s just pollution.

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    1. Swearing a lot can actually give negative impressions to others even at times when you truly mean them. Pollution done in any form is bad.
      You can search a word rhyming to swear and can bring it in use whenever you are about say ‘I swear’. I think that might help you to some extent.

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