Awareness About Some Human Species!

Remember, those elementary science books and classes that taught us humans can be classified into either herbivore or omnivores. And accepted that because we were kids with brains not developed enough to know the other types of humans. Yes, there exists the “Other” categories too….

Now, as I believe that my brain can interpret the information about my surroundings and its human inhabitants; in a much clearer and accurate way I can explain/describe the other two categories better.

One can easily find humans that fall into these categories among their friends, colleagues or even in their family/relatives. The two categories:

  •  Parasites:

  as defined by Biology { organisms that lives and feeds on or in an organism of a different species and causes harm to its host./ One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return}

These are the types of human who look for a genuine/soft-hearted/ kind/ wealthy/ famous human and use them in the best way possible; And will go disappear/ invisible when they are needed even for a minute help.They will use misuse your Ideas, kindness, friendliness etc….                                                          

But, the good thing is that they are Weak. Once you remove them from your life; it wont be that easy for them to get you back. They will look for someone else for their nourishment.

  •  Predators:

as defined by Biology { organisms that preys upon other organisms.The predators hunt and eventually kill their prey}

These are the worse kind of humans who look / preys on a weaker human. They are shrewd and sometimes come with a blueprint of a trap in their brains. They wont necessarily sound or look bad. They have the abilities to control someone like a puppet and that’s why look for weaker ones but mostly the vulnerable humans.

They moreover hunt for weaker humans to cover up their own insecurities. These shrewd ones are not easy to remove from your life and can leave you devastated.

Humans from above two categories have specific tools for their jobs. Nags, loud voices, abilities to blame, cry, sweet voice tone etc… includes their tools. But, for your surprise the shrewd ones also carry Weapons in their toolbox; for their work!! 

Manipulative speaking skills, artificial appreciations, Abuse, fake! sympathies, hazardous foresight etc…are some of their weapons.  These shrewd ones know When and How to use their weapons; so well that you would fail to find any evidence of the Crime. They wont necessarily kill you; cause it can “maybe” land them into prisons. But, will undoubtedly leave you tortured.

This post will be a half knowledge if It doesn’t gives some solution and “Half knowledge is Dangerous!”

Ways to Deal with them:

Teach your brain to be firm, alert and sometimes to be mean.  Teaching these things will need time and also lots of practice to inculcate those lessons in your daily lives.

Firm enough: so that no one can consider an answer opposite from yours. Alert enough: to know when someone is using a weapon. Learn to be mean or harsh even if it is opposite from your nature. I am not asking you to be mean or harsh every-time but when the situation wants it.  Also, develop a Strong Will Power. You’ll have to learn and implement these things if you want to defeat those shrewd ones. 

I also mentioned “weaker humans” above: Practicing these lessons will not only strengthen your brain but also your personality. We all got some weaknesses that can be used against us therefore Be Very careful before you show your weaknesses to someone cause, who knows that someone is looking for an opportunity TO HUNT!!

An Invincible Will Power and a Proper use of your Grey Matter can make Wonders Happen.  

Now, that you are aware of the “Other” two categories:

Be Careful

About the



43 thoughts on “Awareness About Some Human Species!

  1. Came from the community pool! I feel like you’ve just put a lot of my thoughts into comprehensible words – which is quite awesome! I love the way this is written/expressed in a unique way. Keep up the good writing 🙂

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  2. I sometimes wish it were so easy to tell my brain to stop helping people who I know in my heart misuse me, or take advantage for me. But every time I fall into the same trap somehow. I really wish i could avoid it in some way, but that would also mean changing who I am. And I just really like helping people any way I can. Which I keep on doing. Loved this post, it was well written and I love the comparisons you made 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know when you got that kind of nature it’s not easy for you to tell your brain to not to help. Actually it’s really good that you like helping others but just be a little bit careful before you do. Not everyone have right intentions.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts I really appreciate it ☺☺

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  3. Good work. We often tend to ignore these negative truths in the interest of maintaining positive perspective but it is best to keep them in the back of our minds both for our own self-preservation and that of the people we love. These people really do exist and much as one is sad for them sustaining damage from them is not good for anyone including them.

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    1. Actually I wanted to make analogies and therefore just two species came to my mind with whom I could relate humans. If you have some more types of human species that you think I should’ve added do share with me I will surely try to write on it.
      Thank you so much for the feedback I really appreciate it ☺☺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad to hear it and of course you have my feedback.
        Now when it’s about more types of people I can point selfish ignorants who just don’t care about others at all, or people who are so much about to achieve their goals, that they are about to do anything for it.
        There is also a stalker, but the type who will criticise whatever you will do.
        Victim, who always see everything is against etc.
        Helper, when someone know better what is good for you and always have advice.
        And this is all what coming to my mind at the moment.
        I will looking forward for your update.
        Take care 🙂

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  4. Thank you for finding me and i now followed you . Your writing revealed my initial weaknesses that made a lot of people take advantage of me almost all my life which i have started but I’m still fighting to overcome. This post has exposed them all. I wish i had someone with your insight as a friend close to me all along but now is a fresh start. I appreciate you sister.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy to know you liked my writing.
      There are people who are good at taking advantage of nice people and that’s why I thought to create a small awareness.
      Not all are able to understand the behaviour of people around them.
      Well, don’t worry you have a friend now and you can share anything you want;
      I really like knowing what people have in their minds.

      Keep few but good people around you and keep your brain healthy.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts I really appreciate 🙂

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