And You Thought That It’s Temporary!

A Helping Hand offered to someone walking with a burden could help him suffer a little less….

A Meal Served to a starving person could cure his aching stomach….

A Skill Taught to someone not so wealthy to pay the fees could give him wings….

A simple yet Calming Talk could help a person to deal with the wild hurricanes inside him….  

An Applaud for those people who are battling just to survive an another day could plant a subtle smile on their faces with an ease…..

A Salute to those warriors fighting for us on the borders whenever you see them could strengthen their will even more…

A Pat on the Back of a kid for even a tiniest good work that he did could help him Believe in himself….

A Sweet Gesture done for a differently-abled person could make him feel wanted in the society…..

A Genuine Advice given to a stressed out person could fill him with hope…..

A Friendly Hand to an old and alone person could make him feel happy to be alive……

A Warm Hug offered to someone depressed could give him relief to a great extent…….❤

These little Acts could mean a Lot to someone. Their values can never be measured; they are Powerful and can only be Felt. These pure acts would Create Artworks on the Hearts of those people.

And Art Never Dies….the Feelings Once Captured in an Artwork Never Fades Away…

But, for this :

One Would Need


Not In Size

but in VOLUME

❤️ ❤️ ❤

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53 thoughts on “And You Thought That It’s Temporary!

  1. John Green of vlogbrothers did a video about how receiving and giving people a thumbs up made him feel better and run faster (he was running or jogging when he noticed this). The running part surprised him.

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  2. So true been gave to me the acts of kindness have whilst at my lowest makes you feel human once again.i give kind words as i can now costs me nothing xxxnice piece ty

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  3. Thanks, for the “like” you click on my comment “Counting the cost. And I like your post too. I don’t know how old you are but you look so young in the photo of your blog, I love the smile 🌹😁

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