The Destroying Crane

Sometimes the Water that can save you and give you a New Life, could also drown you and give you a Phobia for a lifetime.

But, if one learns to swim his way out than no amount of water would be able to scare him.

Our Brains have depth much deeper than what you can imagine and this depth is filled with details of every single event that ever happened in your life. Even at the times when you can’t recall some; it’s still there. Possibly it just got suppressed by some information of the events that happened after.

Overthinking does the work of a “CRANE TRUCK” it can bring out even the most suppressed thought. And We Just Can’t Turn Off This Machine. Why?

Because brain’s first and foremost work is to think and brain is that part of human body which is yet to be discovered thoroughly. So, you just don’t know its limit.That’s why; we often don’t realize when did we cross our limits after we start to think. Which sometimes makes us creative but mostly leads to Anxiety and Stress.

Researchers have got successful in the study of “Thoughts that we receive everyday”. According to the research, we get about 60,000 thoughts each day; out of which 95% of these are thoughts of previous time and only 5% are new thoughts.



  Here lies our solution . Let me tell you How?  “Fill Your Today With So Many Positive And Happy Moments: 

That When (Every) Tomorrow          

The Crane Starts Digging It Brings Out Only

The Good, Happy Stuffs”.

Few ways through which you can fill the depth of your brains with the good stuff :

  • Nature: Take walks everyday somewhere you can get fresh oxygen. Like a park or some place beside lake etc.
  • Learn the lyrics of some of your favorite songs: Any kind of song will do ,even a nursery rhyme will be helpful. Whenever you feel like you are about to think something negative: just start singing that song loudly .
  • Smell Good
  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Try to change the interior of your room: You can even just change the position of your desk,couch…anyway.
  • Meet people with a smile on your face: When you give positive you receive positive.
  • Give Compliments: It could be anyone maybe a delivery guy, postman, watchman, a dog , bird or a butterfly..anyone.
  • Eat healthy and fresh: It would be better if you cook yourself a healthy meal.
  • Dress simple but still good: Look presentable n feel confident.
  • Dance: Lock yourself in your room, turn on the music and dance.Bring out the Michael Jackson inside you (no one is watching you)
  • Avoid gossips : Office, school, home everywhere.

  Follow these and initiate a Brain Cleansing Campaign Yourself.       


Keep Your Brain

    Clean, Healthy and  Working!!



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