Nature is inevitable

We all like things more than the other things from different things. For instance some like rain more than the sun, snow more than the rain…etc. Therefore for the likeness; Lets ask something :

  • Who like sun more than the rain: ask rain to be warm and dry like sun.
  • Who like snow more than the rain: ask rain to be cold and opaque like snow.
  • Who like rain more than the sun: ask sun to be damp and light like rain.

And if they don’t become like what you wanted them to, curse them. Curse whenever they are being sunny, rainy or snowy coz this is what they deserve now.

What??!! this is stupid! 

No! this works. It does work by making them feel guilty for being themselves. 

You doubting my mental state aren’t you? thinking maybe I need an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Well if that’s the case then I guess we all need one or maybe more than one.

Numerous times you must have seen people (count yourself too if you do the same) doing this almost everyday. They tell you how you must not be what you are. They will ask you and also force you to change yourself; to change the nature you were born with.

They will tell you that the nature you are born with is “curable” that the situation can be mend. They will tell you the worst scenarios it can lead to and yes they can threaten you to the point where you start acting like someone else.

You are told what you should rather be i.e. anything but you.

To not to be rainy if you are rain, not to be snowy if you are snow. You’ll be told to be more talkative if you’re not, to be less emotional coz that’s not attractive,…etc.

As defined by google:

Nature =the basic or inherent features, character, or qualities of something.

Nature is something no one can change. You can’t prevent it. Also it’s not some disease that needs cure.

As I write this many sentences come to my mind. Sentences that are said to me almost every other day like,”I can never have friends”, “I cannot do something good”, “No one can talk to me”, “No one can ever like talking to me”,”My presence or absence doesn’t make any sense”,….etc even worse sentences. No those who told me were not strangers they are the closest one. I usually keep a low-key when it comes to telling my own experiences because they all almost contain people from whom you don’t generally expect such stuff. 

Btw why I was told those stuff? Because I am kind of an introvert person; though that introvert thing never got in the way of getting or achieving something I wanted but that makes me less talkative when it’s a new person in front of me just for some while, I take time to open up with anyone.

Those statements don’t bother me any more because I know myself much better than they do and also now I’ve understood few things very clearly.

Therefore, I am here to help You understand those few things clearly as well.

*✔Know that attempt to change your nature will go in vain. And if you change yourself because someone told you so then understand that you’ll be running an artificial person who just looks like you but is all fake inside.

*✔If there are things about you that are bothering you then try Changing Some Attributes of your Nature rather than Changing All of You. Attributes like shyness, talkativeness, loudness etc. Attributes that are hindering the development of your personality. And if the change helps you do better in life.

*✔You know yourself much better than any person on this earth. You also know whats good n bad for you better than anyone else. Just believe in yourself.

There are people who will never appreciate you for who you are, they will never like you unless you become like them. They will curse you for being​ yourself and to make their way work better they will try make you feel guilty about yourself. 

Please, kindly do them a favor and help those poor beings. 

It’s not bad to become a better person but faking that you are a different person because the world around you asked it is Bad.

Remember, You’re not alone we all lack at something or the other. Everyone is born with a nature different from the others and that it’s Okay….

You can ask Rain to come some other day

Or to not to fall so Heavily


You can’t ask it to

Not To Be Damp.


If rain accepts the petition (becomes dry and warm) & starts to fake warmth then one day when faking it becomes difficult it will rain, so heavily n incontrolable, that it will destroy all the things even the likeness of people who loved rain at some point of their lives.


36 thoughts on “Nature is inevitable

      1. I found it in wanting to find the URL for your blog that I might send people to you. To give you credit for inspiring that post.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know its not believable but that’s true and there must be many to whom these negativities are thrown.
      Yup I do enjoy being myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  1. Honestly…I a few years back, I tried to change things about myself just to fit in so to speak. But that’s just stupid. These days I just live by this ” I am who I am, and if you don;t like me, tough, your loss”. It actually works amazingly well, and it is as it should be. Nobody should change for someone just because you want that person to like you. If that is the condition for someone to like you, that person is just simply not worth it 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with me; I really appreciate it; that’s right as even I said nature is something we are born with we can’t change the whole of it. And if changing yourself is the condition someone keeps then its stupid of him to do so. You can just change some qualities of you & not whole of you. If a person doesn’t like the original you then they are not meant to stay permanently in your life.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this – honestly I only came online for a minute to check out the stats on my blog, but I saw you liked my comment on someone elses blog so I was curious about yours. I intended to click on just quickly but I started reading this post and I was hooked. Fabulous writing and so thought-provoking. Thank you for posting. I will be back 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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