The Winning Efforts

Success is a long journey that needs an enthusiastic traveler and a backpack filled with courage to keep him moving. 

Courage comes into the role when failures happen. These failures seem like barricades blocking your way .Still is it just the barricades and courage that makes him win ? No.

It is the effort that you make to walk safe after a fall: that makes your rest of the journey pleasant. It is the effort you make to eat and exercise well after you fall sick: that keeps you healthy going. It is the effort you put to understand the intentions of a person after you receive a heartbreak that helps you make right decisions in  relationships. It is the effort you make to keep on swimming till you reach the surface after you experience drowning that helps to you to realize the importance of life.

So, It’s the Efforts that you put after your failed attempts is what makes you succeed.

Lets think Life as a race……

A Race, where you will face hurdles . You can see the hurdles and the finish line from the point you are at: getting ready for the race.You know that you will need to jump to pass those hurdles.


Jumping will surely need energy, courage and effort. These jumps will cause you physical wounds too. But, the zeal for hitting that finish line will help you face each hurdle; Bravely. The courage will keep pushing you to do more.And you know what? Those physical wounds won’t hurt you enough, to overpower the joy, the satisfaction, that “I DID IT” voice of your heart.

Courageous  Efforts , have a huge contribution in your success. And these Efforts can be afforded only by those who are rich in their Dedication , Passion and Determination.

You cannot ask these from someone who is afraid of  failures and feels happy to give up on something; easily.

Become that wealthy person and hit your target.

                Keep Making Efforts

In the Right Direction and

      Success Will Give You A  

Magical, Warm Hug


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