10 Lessons I learned before I turned 22

Last week I celebrated my 22nd Birthday (Yayy).



It was a sweet one, enjoyed with family amid the quarantine period. The other day I was pondering on things I did all those years, thought about the things I achieved, and the ones I lost on the way. And then I thought why not share all the important lessons that I learned here. It might help someone coz guess what You’re not alone, we all are struggling here in different ways.

So, here are the 10 Lessons that I learned before I turned 22 :

1. Never Let your Creativity Die.




As a little kid, I used to be very creative, drawing, crafting new things, and experimenting with everything that I got my hands-on that once I even dyed my feet blue! I loved imagining new projects in my head and then doing everything possible to sculpt those imaginations into reality. When I got busy growing up there came a point where I realized my creativity was getting buried. It’s when I thought of having a blog and also I started to take up new skills or some activity that could fuel my creative side well.

     Working on your creative skills is rewarding in many ways: it helps in reducing stress, helps you explore possibilities, boosts confidence, just to name a few. I suggest don’t ever let your creative side die, life’s no fun without it.

2. Just Say It.




Whenever you get a nagging voice inside your head, telling you to either Apologize or to Disagree with something, Just Say It. It is absolutely fine to be wrong and to say No when you don’t agree with something.

                    We often tend to avoid these alarms because we assume it will get us into some embarrassing situation. But you know what it is better to be embarrassed now than to be sorry later. The more you’d delay it the more it will cringe upon you.  Say Sorry whenever you feel like you hurt someone. Say NO whenever something troubles your sanity.


3. You Fail When You Expect Things, You Win When You Don’t.



This one I can say is my Favourite lesson, do not keep expectations. Just focus on your work and on things that could be controlled by you. When you keep your expectations low you focus more on your work, with low expectations even if things don’t happen in your favor you wouldn’t be disheartened.

                 The fact is one could never control the outcome of anything, no matter how hard you try there’s always some space for things to go wrong. Therefore with fewer expectations, you save yourself from unnecessary stress. Focus on things that you can control i.e Efforts. Concentrate on putting the right efforts towards your goals.


4. Push The Limits of Your Comfort Zone.




Explore new horizons. Staying in your comfort zone for long hampers your growth. When I came to college which was in a different state that had a different language, everything became challenging at first because every single task needed me to push the limits of my comfort zone and I was scared at first but gradually I started to overcome my fears and then every accomplishment boosted my confidence. I learned different ways of handling real-life situations, which I guess I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I am glad I’m glad I didn’t choose the easy road.

                  We are capable of doing a lot of great stuff when we just don’t give in to our comfort. You become open to new ideas and ventures. Don’t reduce your life into a routine.

Take baby steps but never stop.


5. Health Should Be Your Priority.




I know, Life gets us all busy, but what kind of life would you lead if you lost your Body in the process. Take out at least an hour before you go about your day, do one activity that exercises your muscles, and one that calms down your senses. Practicing them daily would reward you with one less thing to worry about in the future. I say it from my own experience.

         I have had lots of ailments right from my pre-teenage years; during my high school years, my routine had no space for any kind of exercise because of which my health degraded like anything and my poor health got me more stressed which in turn degraded my health even more & the cycle went on.

         Trust me, when your health is bad nothing makes you happy. Practicing even some light and easy exercises like running, dancing or yoga gives amazing results. Just find a few that you’d enjoy doing every day.


“Keep your vitality.

A life without health is like a river without water.”

-Maxime Lagacé


6. You’ll Lose Friends.



It is true, as you get older you tend to lose friends and there are many reasons behind it. When we are young we have fewer responsibilities and lots of free time so it gets easy to have long chats, frequent field trips, and stay connected with our friends in any way, but when we grow up our responsibilities grow as well and with that, we are left with less time.; It becomes difficult to stay in touch with all of them. We all are working for different goals and they require different work hours.

                  The Good thing about losing friends is that you lose the toxic ones. You choose to give your time and efforts to friends who are worth it, with fewer friends you build deeper bonds. When you grow up you tend to put your time and efforts on things and people that matter. And it’s absolutely fine to keep a company of a few good people rather than having a group full of strangers.


7. You’ve Got To Attempt Several Times Before You Succeed.




When I was in the second year of my college, nothing was working the way I planned or expected, I used to waste hours cribbing over the things that were in the past. One day I got bored with all of this (blaming & cribbing) and I binged on stories of great personalities, most of all I read the ones where they failed. It helped me to gain a different perspective on problems.

                   I realized I was getting disappointed too quickly. I read one article about any good personality each day. Those real-life stories fueled me with positivity. Yes, I still fail at things but now those failures don’t make me quit, they just help me analyze my work better. Quitting is easy and lame, working your arse off even after you fail not only adds adventure to your life but also it’s how you achieve big success.

There was a song at that time which kept me motivated that I felt like sharing here. “Invincible”

(I’d love to listen to the song that motivates you, do share in the comments)

8. Forgive More Often.








Let me list the two best benefits of forgiving someone:

1. Your heart feels lighter. 2. You have one less thing to worry about.

Just take a deep breath and let go of things and those people that have hurt you. Yes, it is painful when people betray you but it gets even more painful when you let those stuff take up the most important things from you, that is your time and the peace of your mind. It’s human to feel emotions and I know when we dive into one we lose track of everything else around us.

                    Learn when to put a full stop to these negative feelings and the best way to do this is-To Forgive. And when I say forgive, I also mean that you must also learn to forgive your self as well. It is easier to forgive others than forgiving yourself. When you forgive, you let yourself grow.

“Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.”

-Anne Lamott


9. Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive.




I realized this fact quite late, I often found myself thinking about “how busy my day was” and it hit me hard when I realized that 8/10 times I wasn’t being productive at all. Time is precious. Think of it as money, you could either spend it on things that are of no importance i.e waste it or you could invest it on things that will gain you profit of any kind in the future. But there’s one thing about money which is not true for time: that you could always earn more money but you can’t earn more time once it’s lost. Gauge the time you are putting at everything and analyze for yourself., ask yourself, every time you find yourself giving more time on a thing “Is it worth it”.

                      Scrolling your feed all day long can get you busy and Completing an online course in a day can get you busy too. It’s upon you to decide where and for what you want to get busy with. Just remember every effort counts towards your final goal.


10. Learn To Become A Listener.



Many people around us listen to reply rather than to understand. They just bombard the other person with their own opinions the minute they pause while sharing their story. This is one of the worst traits that I have found in people. It’s a huge turn-off, no matter how well educated you are but if you can’t keep your mouth shut when someone’s sharing their problem or anything it’s no good.

           A listener is a person who listens to understand and they keep their focus on your emotions only. When you listen you can think of better suggestions if needed.

            Sometimes all that a person needs is to be listened to. There are plenty of people in this world who are always ready with their opinion over anything but there are very few who could make you feel good by just listening to you. Next time when you’re with your friends or anyone try to analyze yourself; whether you listen to understand or to reply.




Well, these are the 10 lessons I learned spending 22 years on earth 🌎, some were fun to learn and some were quite painful. I believe that some lessons could only be learned the hard way, that’s the way of life. I’ve got a lot more to learn on this journey and I wish to share my learnings here with you all. 🥰



How are you guys doing?

I hope everyone’s safe and sound.

Do share what you think. I’d love to read your views on this.❤

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