A Motive To Motivate

Observing makes me curious and curiosity makes me a Learner

A Learner getting ready to start a whole new journey. A journey headed with an intention to Motivate the readers.

I learned a formula  that always helped me to start anything new from my Dad “Hope for Good and Work to get Better Each Day”.

So, here I am with a hope to Motivate my readers and a Brain determined to work to improve myself throughout my journey.

Readers can contact me using the e-mail address that I am providing on my blog. I will be happy to listen and help you. 🙂

Shouldn’t we just Ask for Happiness;Every time?

I love fruit jelly . It makes me happy too but, if I keep eating it not for whole life but even for five years because It brings happiness to me :I will end up suffering obesity , diabetes , and many other ailments that I don’t even know . Also monotonous life , hatred for sweet and might not be able to even look at it.

My life will be boring just within the eight months leave the rest of the time.I will be craving for something bitter,sour, spicy and even for something tasteless. I would be cursing myself for not trying something else; because even if it didn’t make me happy but at least that would have earned me some experience.

So it’s not hard to be happy all your life but it shouldn’t be just what you wish for.Else you will end up cursing yourself.You can find happiness simply by laying on grass , watching night sky , seeing a kid laugh ,diving into a lake or even by singing a nursery rhyme .

But ,Wish for struggles too cause that will make Happiness feel better. Bad days teach you more than the good days. Sunny and rainy days both make flowers bloom.

For a human to be alive: he need ups and downs cause a simple, straight will declare him Dead.

Try and Develop an Attitude : The kind of attitude that works as a software in your brain that lets you seek good and an opportunity to  learn in every happenings of your life. Every incident in your life comes to teach you a lesson that couldn’t be found in a book or the mighty internet.

Grab those lessons and feel like an Achiever.

Stay positive.And Believe Everything Happens for a Reason. And if something makes you sad think about the worst that could have happened .

STAY CALM  And Never underestimate the Power of Experiences.

“Good Days Will Give You Memories

And Bad Days Will Give You Valuable Experiences”.

Not A Problem

via Daily Prompt: Measure

Seller: Need a coffin ?

Couple: Yes

Seller: Tell me the measurements; height,width and weight . I”ll get you the Best.

Couple: No, we don’t have any.

Seller: That’s alright, you can tell me the height with your hands and rest we can guess.

Couple: We couldn’t hold him enough to guess; any of his measurements.

Seller: Oh! many couples come here without such details. Not a Problem for me. 

A Closer Look can make Usual: UNIQUE

via Photo Challenge: Surprise


Today, the sweet little flower Surprised me when I looked it closer through my camera lens. 

A flower that never caught my eye before compelled me to post about it.

Nature has made everything Beautiful and sometimes it needs a Lens for admiration.  🙂

Harmful=Bad and Harmless=Good.Always?

  • We walk on the road following rules so that we don’t get into an accident .

  •  We operate on machines taking precautions so that we don’t cause damage to anything or anyone.

  •  We even cut paper taking great care so we don’t hurt our hands.

I think we humans have a natural protective instinct. We protect ourselves from anything that has potential to harm us .


We hesitate to take even a tiniest decision fearing about the consequences . Often ending up following the herd.

But its Life and ONE CANNOT PLAY SAFE EVERY TIME . Taking risks is a part of growing and learning. During this growth Mistakes will Happen.We cannot learn without making mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes Will Hurt you , Damage Your Faith and can also Turn Out As The Best Experience You Ever Had.

Don’t be afraid of the consequences when you decide to do something new cause even in living life you got the Risk of Dying but; that doesn’t mean you should stick to your bed and cease all your activities cause Risk is Their Too.

Everything around us have the potential to harm us .

No one in the world is safe.

If You Don’t Take Risks “You Will Die Wondering WHAT IF “.

So, Take your Chances ;make Mistakes ; Learn; Grow from it; Rise and make your Leap.

And if you still don’t understand that why you should not choose the Easier way?

Because, then Your Life Will Suck !!







The Winning Efforts

Success is a long journey that needs an enthusiastic traveler and a backpack filled with courage to keep him moving. 

Courage comes into the role when failures happen. These failures seem like barricades blocking your way .Still is it just the barricades and courage that makes him win ? No.

It is the effort that you make to walk safe after a fall: that makes your rest of the journey pleasant.It is the effort you make to eat and exercise well after you fall sick: that keeps you healthy going. It is the effort you put to understand the intentions of a person after you receive a heartbreak that helps you make right decisions in  relationships. It is the effort you make to keep on swimming till you reach the surface after you experience drowning that helps to you to realize the importance of life.

So, It’s the Efforts that you put after your failed attempts is what makes you succeed.

Lets think Life as a race……

A Race, where you will face hurdles . You can see the hurdles and the finish line from the point you are at: getting ready for the race.You know that you will need to jump to pass those hurdles.


Jumping will surely need energy, courage and effort . These jumps will cause you physical wounds too. But, the zeal for hitting that finish line will help you face each of them; Bravely .The courage will keep you pushing to do more.And you know what? Those physical wounds won’t hurt you enough: to overpower the joy, the satisfaction, that” I DID IT” voice of your heart.

Courageous  Efforts , have a huge contribution in your success. And these Efforts can be afforded only by those who are rich in their Dedication , Passion and Determination.

You cannot ask these from someone who is afraid of  failures and feels happy to give up on something; easily.

Become that wealthy person and hit your target.

                                Keep Making Efforts

                          In the Right Direction and

                Success Will Give You A   Magical, Warm

                                              Hug 🙂

The Destroying Crane

Sometimes Water that can save you and give you a New Life, can also drown you and give you a Phobia for a lifetime.

But, if one learns to swim his way out than no amount of water can scare him.

Our Brains has depth much deeper than what you can imagine and this depth is filled with details of every single event that ever happened in your life. Even when you can’t recall some ; it’s still there. Maybe it just got suppressed by some information of the events that happened after that .

Overthinking does the work of a “CRANE TRUCK” that brings out even the most suppressed thought. AND WE CAN’T JUST TURN OFF THIS MACHINE. Why? 

Because brain’s first and foremost work is to think and brain is that part of human body that is yet to be discovered thoroughly. So, you just don’t know its limit.That’s why ; sometimes we don’t realize when we crossed our limits when we start thinking. Which sometimes makes us creative but mostly leads to Anxiety and Stress.

Researchers have got successful in the study of “Thoughts that we receive everyday”.

According to the research, we get about 60,000 thoughts each day;out of which 95% of these are  thoughts of previous time and only 5% are new thoughts.


 Here lies our solution . Let me tell you How??

                “Fill Your Today With So                            Many Positive And Happy Moments

                        That When (Every) Tomorrow          

         The Crane Starts Digging It Brings Out Only

                            The Good Happy Stuffs”.

Few ways through which you can fill the depth of your brains with the good stuff :

  • Nature: Take walks everyday somewhere you can get fresh oxygen. Like a park .
  • Learn lyrics of some of your favorite songs ; Any kind of songs will do ,even a nursery                             rhyme will be helpful. Whenever you feel like you are about to think something negative:                        just start singing that song loudly .
  • Smell Good
  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Try to change the interior of your room ; You can just change the place of your desk,couch…anyhow.
  • Meet people with a smile on your face : When you give positive you receive positive.
  • Give Compliments: It can be anyone a delivery guy, postman,watchman, a dog , a bird or a butterfly..anyone.
  • Eat healthy and fresh : It will be better if you can cook your meal yourself.
  • Dress simple but still good.
  • Listen to the radio.
  • Dance: Lock yourself in your room, turn on the music and dance.Bring out the Michael Jackson inside you; no one is watching.
  • Avoid gossips : Office, school,home everywhere.

                 Follow these and initiate a Brain Cleansing Campaign                                                                            Yourself.

                      Keep Your Brain:

            Clean Healthy and  Working!! 🙂