Shouldn’t we just Ask for Happiness; Every time?

I love fruit jelly . It makes me happy too but, if I keep eating it not for whole life but even for five years because It brings happiness to me, I will end up suffering with obesity , diabetes , and many other ailments that I don’t even know . Also a monotonous life , hatred for sweet and might not be able to even look at it.

My life will be boring in just within the eight months leave the rest of the time.I will be craving for something bitter,sour, spicy and even for something tasteless. I would be cursing myself for not trying something else; because even if it didn’t make me happy but at least that would have earned me some experience.

So it’s not hard to be happy all your life but it shouldn’t be just what you wish for.Else you will end up cursing yourself.You can find happiness simply by laying on grass , watching night sky , seeing a kid laugh ,diving into a lake or even by singing a nursery rhyme .

But ,Wish for struggles too cause that will make Happiness feel better. Bad days teach you more than the good days. Sunny and rainy days both make flowers bloom.

For a human to be alive: he need ups and downs cause a simple, straight will declare him Dead.

Try and Develop an Attitude : The kind of attitude that works as a software in your brain that lets you seek good and an opportunity to  learn in every happenings of your life. Every incident in your life comes to teach you a lesson that couldn’t be found in a book or the mighty internet.

Grab those lessons and feel like an Achiever.

Stay positive.Believe that, Everything Happens for a Reason. And if something makes you sad think about the worst that could have happened .

STAY CALM  And Never underestimate the Power of Experiences.

“Good Days Will Give You Memories

And Bad Days Will Give You Valuable Experiences”



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