A “Strangely Powerful Software” Embedded in Our Systems

Have you ever felt A Kind Of Strange Rush inside you? Something that Forces you to Bash and Blame yourself soon after taking a decision? A feeling that makes you cringe. That feeling I know, might have also ceased you from  taking any further step.

Well, the producer of those feelings is called “REGRET”. And is sponsored by the Decisions You Take. Now, lets ponder upon When? Why? and Hence of this STRANGELY POWERFUL SOFTWARE; Embedded in our Systems.                                                                                                           


  • You take a left turn on an intersection after few seconds you will regret not taking right turn .
  • You buy a red shirt then after few minutes you will regret not buying the blue one.
  • After ingesting a chocolate cake: few hours later you will regret not eating something healthy.

I don’t feel anyone or anything has to be blamed here for this  because humans are “Emotional Robots”.


REGRET ; as defined by Google :{to feel sorrow or remorse for ; an act,  fault, disappointment, etc.}

What a SURPRISE!! it’s again a type of emotion that is meant to be felt by us. And lets admit this, that we “Amazingly Crafted Beings” feel Everything even when something is not meant to be felt. But, another Fact Of The System called Life is that, “Everything Happens For A Reason”.

So, What reason one can gain from this feeling “Regret “??

Answer: It gives us KNOWLEDGE or the SENSE FOR MAKING  RIGHT DECISIONS In Our Lives. 

  • It’s only after taking a wrong turn one understands that he should see the sign boards or check map before moving ahead.
  • It’s only after one buys the wrong shirt realizes that he must try and see if it is good for him so that; he doesn’t have to feel bad about the hard-earned money he spent.
  • It only after the stomach ache one gets: from eating too much can realize that he should watch his eating habits; so that he doesn’t ends up his rest of the day suffering .


So, all the Wrong Turns , Wrong Decisions, Wrong Moves are Necessary . They make you Wiser and Smarter. And it is that feeling who did the job.

You can get this feeling in ; seconds, minutes, hours and maybe in some years too.. after making a decision .


Making right decisions always ; won’t give you something exceptional to learn. 

Take this feeling of Remorse in a way That It Constructs You and Not Something that Shatters you.






11 thoughts on “A “Strangely Powerful Software” Embedded in Our Systems

  1. Yes, you are correct, the two posts are weirdly (calculatedly) connected. That is great, really. I will pray for you that you continue on this fruitful journey you address. I am inspired to know you are on this earth, that folk can learn from you. Keep on keeping on. Mo powah to ya. Sincerely; MAO

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. And wish you would get notified of a link I left for you which, though later, I was reminded of which is related to a post I wrote that addressed a comparison of us humans to a robot (crazy, huh? Really). I wrote it in 2015. You will be amused when and if you find it. If you don’t get the notification let me know. And you are welcome, as I also thank you for your good wishing.

        Liked by 1 person

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