Liebster Award!!

I am very thankful to Rishabh who has nominated me for Liebster Award. I appreciate him for acknowledging my blog; nomination for this award came as a surprise to me. I ask the fellow readers to visit his blog. His blog contains short stories and mindful lessons; that delivers goodness.  The rules of this award: 1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award. 2. … Continue reading Liebster Award!!

Harmful=Bad and Harmless= Good.Always?

We walk on the road following rules so that we don’t get into an accident .  We operate on machines taking precautions so that we don’t cause damage to anything or anyone.  We even cut paper taking great care so we don’t hurt our hands. I think we humans have a natural protective instinct. We protect ourselves from anything that has potential to harm us … Continue reading Harmful=Bad and Harmless= Good.Always?