And You Thought That It’s Temporary!

A Helping Hand offered to someone walking with a burden could help him suffer a little less…. A Meal Served to a starving person could cure his aching stomach…. A Skill Taught to someone not so wealthy to pay the fees could give him wings…. A simple yet Calming Talk could help a person to deal with the wild hurricanes inside him….   An Applaud for … Continue reading And You Thought That It’s Temporary!

Versatile Blogger Award|7 Fun Facts about Me 🌸

I am very Thankful 😊😊 to OMOBIM1 and ALOYFERNS who have nominated me for Versatile Blogger Award. They share their exciting everyday experiences in the best way through their blogs. Check out their blog to get to know their sweet lives 🙂 .  Omobim: Aloy Ferns: Rules of The Versatile Blogger Award: Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links. Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award|7 Fun Facts about Me 🌸

Bitter! and Much Bitter!

Daily prompt-Bitter I was pondering on this word “BITTER”. And started confusing myself; believe me I’m really good at this. But hey, don’t worry my confusions are not so contagious.   So, here are my CONFUSIONS and their CONCLUSIONS………….. The word “Bitter” can not only describe a taste but also Speech, Sound and Attitude. Explaining which taste could be described as bitter isn’t that difficult; … Continue reading Bitter! and Much Bitter!