They get Better at being the Worst

***You started living in a new room/apartment; there is a big wardrobe in your living room. You don’t want that in your living room because it is making your room look shabby also its presence is kind of annoying to you. So, you decide to move it: pushed it with all your might= the wardrobe didn’t move even an inch. You hurt your hands many … Continue reading They get Better at being the Worst

Harmful=Bad and Harmless= Good.Always?

We walk on the road following rules so that we don’t get into an accident .  We operate on machines taking precautions so that we don’t cause damage to anything or anyone.  We even cut paper taking great care so we don’t hurt our hands. I think we humans have a natural protective instinct. We protect ourselves from anything that has potential to harm us … Continue reading Harmful=Bad and Harmless= Good.Always?