Bitter! and Much Bitter!

Daily prompt-Bitter I was pondering on this word “BITTER”. And started confusing myself; believe me I’m really good at this. But hey, don’t worry my confusions are not so contagious.   So, here are my CONFUSIONS and their CONCLUSIONS………….. The word “Bitter” can not only describe a taste but also Speech, Sound and Attitude. Explaining […]

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Really or None Of It?

via Daily Prompt: None You died. And because you were Greek they gave you a coin to carry under your tongue and then also biscuits and honey. When you came to the riverbank you saw a crazy-looking black bumboat on the water with a figure standing in it, lanky and dressed darkly, holding a sweep. […]

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Not A Problem

via Daily Prompt: Measure Seller: Need a coffin? Couple: Yes Seller: Tell me the measurements; height,width and weight . I”ll get you the Best. Couple: No, we don’t have any. Seller: That’s alright, you can tell me the height with your hands and rest we can guess. Couple: We couldn’t hold him enough to guess; any […]

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