Do You Understand the Difference?!

Are we educated enough to understand how easily we degrade the seriousness of the term and place “Depression”. Not able to decipher what I am trying to say/write and convey with it.

Let me try to Help you understand this using an example…….

β–ͺ️You’re sitting on a bench in a park; there comes your Friend (financially good n healthy) & a Beggar (homeless n VERY weak); they both tell you that they wanna have some food. Who’s situation is worse and whose request should be taken seriously? I think you can answer this yourself.

Here one is HUNGRY (friend) and the other is probably been STARVING, one needs to eat now to be okay while other will need a proper healthy diet in a constant manner and for months to at least be okay. The seriousness of the situation is different right.

Nowadays, many people use the term depression/depressed even when they are just sad/ frustrated/ angry/ upset. And because of this even when someone is actually depressed and he tells it is taken coolly. This use of term for even the smallest mood swing is degrading the actual brutal meaning of it. We all have heard our friends/partner/colleagues saying “oh I am so depressed my dad scolded me”,”this subject classes are making me depressed” or “this movie got me depressed”.

Please just Kindly understand, that this term isn’t any fashion trend that one needs to follow in order to be “cool” or “happening” or “to make people know that you have a tough life.”

Using that term tooo much and for unworthy reasons just to steal some attention is making it loose its true meaning and is also making people less concerned for someone who is using to receive serious help.

(I am doubtful whether you all gonn agree with it or not)

By using it unnecessarily you in real sense are stealing someone’s right of getting serious help. People will start taking those in actual need for granted. I’ve read and heard stories in person and on the internet about how someone took their friend’s/partner’s/…etc. complaint lightly when they were in the earlier phase of depression. Many of which have committed suicides, became addicts etc. and now they’ve lost far more to be imagined.

I know there are more reasons that surely has the contribution in it. But this as I see now is one of them and is growing rapidly.

download (3).jpg


Lets Try and Educate the Educated ones about the difference between “Being Depressed” & “Mood Swings”. That one is like Falling into a dark pit which will just get Darker and Darker, making your way out of it will take time and lots of effort, It’s truly possible to find the way but sometimes one may need someone’s trustworthy hands: to hold for a while to make that process easier.

And that the other is just one “Swing” which can be stopped in a second and it wont necessarily need someone’s help (you’re enough) !! 

If you hear someone say this word unnecessarily just stop them in a way that can make them think too, tell them that they are making a joke of this heavy word and that how n where they are making a contribution.

Help those individual who are actually in trouble to be heard and to not to be taken for granted.  Let them know that they are important to you and that not everyone is callous.

This post is about Creating An Awareness especially for those trend driven educated people ( i don’t think I know some specific word for it); Who can read, write and speak languages but lack the understanding.

It would be really great if you can share this verbally or by using any means of communications/ social networking or by making your own post about it. Just help more and more people know this.


Not Make An Acute Problem A Joke

And That Term

A Slang.


If you wish you can share your such experiences or your thoughts here… It will be helpful ☺

59 thoughts on “Do You Understand the Difference?!

  1. I’ll admit to being guilty for this. When reading or watching something emotionally charged I’ll say “this is depressing me” or when I see something devastating in the news I’ll say “that’s depressing”. I don’t think it’s always unwarranted though. Sometimes it’s the best way to describe the gravity of a situation even if it’s not related to you personally.

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  2. I have also used the term to describe how I’m feeling about something but I totally understand and agree. Depression is real and it is very serious. Some of us often use the word causally without truly appreciating how serious it is for persons who are genuinely suffering from depression. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Good points. There are also medical explanations that contribute to real depression such as Hashimoto Tyroiditis which is one I’ve had some indirect experience with. And likely others. Sometimes artists fake depression to sound “deep” or “cool” when depression is unfortunately neither.

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  4. Well…I could not agree more. My own father has suffered from a severe depression years back, and as such I am quite familiair with it. And it really is hard, both for the person that has the depression, as well as the ones that try and give support as best they can. Lately one of my best friends also had a depression years ago, but she is now trying to get rid of her medicines for that. And that is really hard…she has days on which she really struggles, and I can be on the receiving end for it. I try to give support as best I can, but it’s not very nice to get lashed out at, if she has a bad day. It doesn’t stop me from lending support though.
    But yes I agree the term depression is used way too often, and way too easily these days. Great post 😊

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    1. Its so nice of you to help your friend and I am sure that its not something very easy experiencing all this must be hard for you too. Thank you so much for sharing this its really inspiring.
      Have a Beautiful day ahead and keep inspiring πŸ™‚
      All the Best!

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    1. This is what happens when someone uses it a lot for no reason it makes you doubtful then. People toss this word so casually without giving it a thought.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion… πŸ™‚

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  5. Woahh man!! Brilliant peace of writing. This blog is πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―β€.please visit my too it will be my pleasure that gr8 bloggers like you visiting. But still dude you rock. πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ”₯

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  6. WOW…U have got such a gift to explains complex things so easily with interesting illustrations. I loved it… Even I have thought so many times, that how on daily basis we use serious words for general behaviors and that actually has made everything so complicated…Those who care for us take our words so seriously and start worrying for us…this really needs to be understood that the actual meaning of words do matter a lot and we should not use it as slang.

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  7. To decide between a hungry friend and a starving beggar is hard.
    Option could be food for the friend and some money to the other, hoping that he’ll use it for food

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  8. I am overwhelmed. You are brilliant. Keep writing. This is such a beautiful and powerful post. In a few, am busy at the moment, will reblog. Love it. And I have been sleeping on this talent, you.

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  9. Reblogged this on andnowmiguel and commented:
    This is a very caring post. One where the blogger has employed their heart to boldly tell of a need which is required of the public. I encourage you to read this. So detailed. A writer fashioned after my own heart. Please read this lovely post.

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  10. ppl r lz. I could leave my comment like this, but who will understand the meaning? People are lazy and don’t like to effort, even when it’s about to think. Or maybe esspecially when it’s about to think. People forgetting meaning of words and even not trying to search in mind for the right ones, it is much more easier to use something what sounds good and showing emotions. We are so emotional today… It doesn’t matter what does it really mean, it’s important to be “cool” in any possible way. It’s good to point them and remind what they are doing by this.
    Good job, take care.

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    1. You’re so right. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. People like to sound cool anyhow/anyway.
      This post is just a little attempt to make people understand the difference between depression and mood swings. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚
      Hope you have a lovely day ahead πŸ™‚


  11. This is a very important topic. I have often had a whole group of people telling me they’re depressed while laughing together one minute earlier. Depression is not fun or having a group of friends around you all the time and complaining. It’s lonely and real. If you have any tips on what best to say to depressed people, please comment on my latest post on since I am making a collection. Thank you for this post!

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    1. That’s very saddening and also frustrating to hear coz its not a fun thing. I am positive that people will get it at least the majority will.
      Glad to know that you liked and understood what I wanted to convey


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