Weather or Not

On a recent conversation I received a line which made me feel bad when, I thought that what might have made someone to ever feel or to come to a conclusion like that.Β 

This post is dedicated to all those humans who ever felt or are feeling that way.

Lets take these examples and think:

β–ͺ️ You went to a city for two days. There on reaching you see thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, dark clouds, dirt overall a very bad weather. Could be any reason for that to happen. So, seeing all those you judged that the city is rubbish, dirty with nothing worth watching. Where, in reality the city got Beautiful: landscapes, hills, sunsets, lakes, gardens, and everything that can make someone to travel there again and again.

β–ͺ️You’re sick (fever) therefore you look pale, dull, lazy and developed dark-circles. A friend, after months came to meet you without telling you beforehand. On seeing you like that he assumed/ judged that you are whiny and boring. Where in reality you are a very lively and adventurous person.

What am I trying to tell you throughΒ these examples??

(Relax and try to understand this)

Most People no matter what will judge you on the weather that is hitting your “state”& not on the “climate” you have.

Weather: is the atmosphere of a place at a particular time. It could be rainy, windy, chilly, dry etc. But, it doesn’t mean that the place has it all through the year.

Well, we humans too have weathers (emotional) that hit us without any warning. Could have rainy(crying), windy(smooth going), chilly( heart breaks, hurt) , dry( angry/ frustrated) ….etc. But that doesn’t mean that you behave like that all the time (24/7) ;Β it is just for some time and due to some factors. Β 

Judging someone on his/her bad day or during his/her bad time is the easiest thing to do. As it wont take much time and effort to get the survey done; Shallow or Selfish people are expert in this job.

It will take a deep thinker/ genuine/ generous person to know and understand someone’s reality. And these precious people sadly hold a minority in total human population.

You don’t need to be of certain age or gender; for being Emotional. Β Do not believe even when a strongest (body-wise) person says that “he/she is not at emotional”. The degree might differ but we all are EMOTIONAL. So, don’t hesitate (especially men) Β at all to show your emotions.

I know there will be people who will mock or taunt you but you know what? this, will make the process of knowing someone’s nature or reality 1000 time more easier.

Hurray!! that’s so cool cozΒ You will be able to Lighten and Enlighten yourself.Β 

It’s because of the emotions that we are able to acknowledge a fracture/cut/ heart-attack..etc that further enables us to treat it at the right time or else we might die without even knowing the cause of our deaths ! Just think about it !!Β 

An umbrella made from Cheap material will fly away when the weather gets bad But the one made from Best quality material will come with a life time warranty and will protect you; Always.

πŸ˜’πŸ˜¨πŸ€•πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ=Β πŸ‘¨ /Β πŸ‘©

Oh! and the line that made me write this “Its not attractive for especially guys to show their emotions”. I am telling this to everyone that this line is a false fact and can’t be related to any human alive.

And if you are interested to know about the factors:


65 thoughts on “Weather or Not

  1. That was some wise words, men afraid or embarrassed to show their emotions is a stupid thing to do, when you could let go of all the bad emotions which can make you think so much clearer. I periodically cry with my girlfriend, so I’m already on the right.

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    1. I think sometime they are made to feel stupid which leads to hiding things. Well as I said its all fair and all good. Its nice that you let go of all those bad feelings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts πŸ™‚

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  2. Totally agree. According to my observation men do not show their emotion but when they are emotional they really feel so much depressed than women. Nice analogy about the weather, but you see some times we like chilly weather or even rain. Some time we hate the sun, so its ok to be that way. As long as we learn to accept what ever comes across. If raining enjoy the greenery and the life forms, if its cold look for a warm hug! 😍

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  3. Great post! From my point of view, nobody has the right to judge anybody! We are ALL human beings but have a different perception due to the fact that we are unique! What makes me very emotional can affect less somebody else and vice versa. πŸ™‚

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  4. I love what you said and how you said it….and, that it comes from your kind and sensitive heart…the encouragement to be compassionate and kind is a gift all can benefit from…thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  5. For some reason lately I have been crying a lot. About things that I never used to cry about. I have never been ashamed to do so either. It is a saying that real men don’t cry…but I always counter that with: a real man isn’t afraid to show his emotions. So I don’t know if that makes me a real man or not, but I do know that I have never been afraid to show my emotions, nor will I ever be 😊 Great post! πŸ˜€

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    1. No one in this world has the authority to certify someone real men/women.
      Its “you” who have gone through things and not anyone else so you got all the right to show your reactions. Holding yourself together after the thunderstorm is what makes you a proper human (wont say real man/woman as I said why before). So feeling “emotional” is all okay. Confessing that actually shows how brave you are coz it takes courage to admit. I really appreciate that you shared your thoughts.
      Thank you πŸ™‚ 😊

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  6. What a rainbow. A mish mosh of colors. You tackled quite a bit here and crowned each piece fabulously. You circumscribed your topics and angles. Thank you. A lovely post.

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  7. I simply loved the way you made your point through a simple example which was apt. Being judged always feels bad and specially when you are not in a good state of mind or health. I believe we should not jump to conclusions fast .Keep our mind open and make some efforts to understand a person or a circumstance.

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  8. “An umbrella made from Cheap material will fly away when the weather gets bad But the one made from Best quality material will come with a life time warranty and will protect you; Always.”


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    1. That’s so kind of you to say that. I do hope that my writing inspires people. Really glad to know you liked reading it.
      Surely do read them whenever you feel like 😊 It would be my pleasure


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