Questions for D

Lets imagine:240_F_105165759_MNxFwn2W0xAANJmGJAag1Lp9p42147HG

There is a human with all basic 5 senses (lets call that human D). D has inculcated strong values in its own-self. D always stand for right and against the wrong. D  works all day with 100% dedication. D aspires to become a Hip-hop dancer and so for this D practices, participates in various competition etc. does everything that one has to, for becoming a dancer.

Fighting against all social norms, barriers, failures and disappointments, bravely D finally Becomes a Successful Dancer. D starts receiving big contracts and awards. D is Very Happy and Why not; Dreams turned into reality. Surely, the credit goes to D’s bravery. It was D’s bravery that helped to fight and to keep practicing even after facing failures.

True dedication and a robust determination kept D to keep on going when the society came together to discourage and to demotivate.

D has now become an epitome of hard work and an inspiration for others.

You fortunately met D; at first you couldn’t believe your eyes but then you controlled yourself and start talking to D because you don’t want to miss the chance.

What will be your questions?  Comment me.

I need to have at least 6-7 questions (can be more) or queries. Those questions will make the next post more interesting and useful.


Continued here…... More than Just Answers




32 thoughts on “Questions for D

  1. Wow.. Very interesting post and is going to be more interesting I guess !!
    My question – “D, as you have succeeded in achieving your long-cherished goal, what will drive you now? And how does it feel like to be on top – I mean doesn’t this fame make you lonely at heart?”

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  2. Question for D. You have worked hard, and you have become the dancer you always wanted to be. You are a successful professional dancer. Your achievement is truly good and absolutely worthy of anyone’s admiration. My question then is: Who would you be if you couldn’t dance?

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  3. 1. Did you choose hip-hop or did hip-hop choose you? 2. Are you dancing traditional hip-hop or are you creating new moves within the genre? 3. Are you self-taught or did you have a teacher? 4. Did you have a single role model to follow or were there multiple role models? 5. Have you considered breaking out into other forms of dancing? 6. To what extent do you use cross-dancing methods (ie playing off one form of dancing against another)? 7. Would you consider acting as a mentor to younger dancers? 8. Have you considered setting up your own studio and dance school? 9. How do you see your role as a teacher of hip-hop? 10. Do you see yourself as a role model for younger hip-hop dancers?

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      1. No problem. It’s interesting how different people take different approaches. I should have added a time question along the lines of: how much longer will you be able to dance like this?

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  4. “D, may I have this dance?” Does that count as a question? Because I feel like the best compliment I can give is to give them a chance to show their talent and watch them shine in their comfort zone and make it seem completely effortless.
    Ps. I might ruin the performance but that’s another story.

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