Sometimes….. A DIARY

I will try to explain a subtle feeling here. It is a feeling that can be easily felt when you have been with a person for a long time and deeply when that person means a lot to you…..


How could a living being become a Diary?! It is possible.

(Imagine or relate) You have a person in your life; this person is really close to you and you love hearing him. He tells you everything:feelings, wishes, thoughts, rants..etc. You involve yourself in his life; you very well know his likes/dislikes and its very easy for you to relate things with his happenings. Since, you involved yourself wholeheartedly in his life: you didn’t realize that even you need to be heard, that even you need to pour out your feelings sometimes; that even you need to be understood by your single gaze and to be known to that person as well. But,when you will realize those stuffs: you will also get confused because that same person has claimed that you are important to him……

You will try to tell him your feelings/emotions but his stone face will stop you. You will try to make him remember an important detail that you told but his confused look will make you wish that you could forget it too. You will try to make him understand how bad it feels to be ignored but his simple nodding gesture will make you feel invisible to him. You might even cry to make him know how deep it hurts when someone comes to you only if it is convenient but his pathetic response will make you feel guilty about yourself. 

You can’t: leave him, tell him and also your feelings cannot be felt by him.

Here, you become a Diary. A diary, in which he can say it all and lighten himself but because you are a “non-living thing”: Why would you be asked about your life and feelings? Its simple, right!

You might think, its unfair that you can’t treat him the same way but maybe it’s because you were born with a heart made of Gold. Therefore, treating someone badly is against your nature and even if you try to get mean with someone but the guilt that will follow will be unbearable for your heart. Then what should you do? 

Don’t worry I am here to help you….

  • Keep your expectations Very Low : Don’t expect anything from anyone (friend, siblings, partner..etc). It is a very harmful habit that we all posses, avoiding this has two benefits: first, if things doesn’t happen according to your assumptions~you won’t feel hurt and second, if things do happen it will make you feel even happier. 

Always expect the least even from your closest.

  • Make your heart and nature your strength:Know that your beautiful heart and nature are your greatest strength because for a person who has these: forgiving people really gets easy for them. Forgiveness cleanses your heart and keeps it free from holding on grudges against someone. People who can’t forgive others easily suffer internally. 

Be Thankful to your beautiful heart and nature cause they are your strength.

You might be thinking Why didn’t I tell you to talk to that person? Telling that person what is bothering you, might not necessarily help coz I don’t think that he is one of those people who can listen and change himself. Your suggestions will be heard by his deaf ears. Not being heard by him was the main reason for you to feel like a diary.

Now, What about your untold feelings?

Write them down, anywhere you feel like : blog, notepad, a real non-living diary or tell it to someone, but choose that person Carefully because I think we all should respect our emotions. Choose someone who doesn’t disrespects your emotions.

Never look for a person who can bring out a Fake cry when you are upset instead,

Look for Someone

Whose Silence can also Sing

A Happy Song for You

When You’re Sad


for some more quotes INSTAGRAM


33 thoughts on “Sometimes….. A DIARY

  1. Thank you for this post. You possess a unique way of framing observations, and objectives. Though we have different universes of schools for expressing self in writing I see some of mine employed close yet as it should be (again) differently. For example, I worked on a series; “Investment in life” which peculiarly is closely aligned with something you said above. I don’t mean to attempt to steal your thunder in having said this. I think you will see this. Just wanted to share with you how peculiar life is. It was your like of a comment I had made elsewhere which brought me here. Chancy. Happenstance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on Project Believe In Yourself and commented:
    A Living Diary, now how about that? Sounds like a good movie plot but it makes an even better life companion XD
    Great post here!

    Note to author:
    Couldn’t find your name/alias anywhere so I’m just gonna call you “Hope” since you’re obviously driven to bring hope to people. Beautiful. You don’t mind that, do you? XD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well then, keep spreading the good vibes everywhere you go, Hope 😉

        We all need it in our lives much like how we need superheroes in a superhero comic book. Be the superhero in the lives of others. Awesome.

        Your pal,

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sure, I will in the best way possible. Thank you so much for your feedback. These words empower me. I too wish you good luck for your project the motive with which you are leading it is really strong.
        Once again Thanks you this means a lot to me. 🙂 😊
        -Hope 😊

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