Memories are Necessary

I was once asked a question “What is the role of memories in our lives?”. I would like to share my answer to it; here as well…

Let’s start with this interesting fact:

When you die you have 7 minutes of brain activity left, which is your brain playing back memories in a Dream sequence.

If the creator of this “Human machine” gave memories such an importance; Than we are no one to question it. But, it’s a good habit to question and quench the thirst of our curious brains.

I believe, 

Memories Are Like Songs. The kind of songs: whose lyrics are impossible to forget, the ones that never fails to bring out a smile from within , gives you an adrenaline rush, make you feel like it is just yours  and you know that even if someone tries- he will not be able to steal it from you.

 Songs contain frequencies: high and low both. Those frequencies together create beautiful songs. Thus,

All kinds of memories: whether good or bad are important. Good memories  will leave smile on your face while bad memories will leave lessons for you to refer in future. These memories will make you feel like you were alive and not just breathing.

Memories can ___________________

  • make you laugh even when you have no teeth left in your mouth.
  • make you blush even if you don’t have enough hemoglobin in your blood.
  • make you smile when life gets boring.
  • give you company when alone.
  • make you jump, roll and dance.
  • give you goosebumps.
  • keep someone alive after he had gone.
  • be great stories to share with your younger ones.

Well, there are more things that memories can do. So, don’t waste your time; live your days to the fullest and collect memories. Every moment is precious and their values only increases; with time.

If we were not blessed with the abilities to store memories in our brains than I guess Happiness would have got its Time Limit. Just think !

Sweet or Sour

Memories are Necessary 



30 thoughts on “Memories are Necessary

    1. Right, there are some people who doesn’t give a damn about moments they have and just complain about things that are unnecessary.
      People who can cherish moments and memories always worth your time 🙂

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  1. True, all true, memories are actually a great part of our lifes.. Different memories elicits different emotions at various moments in our lifes.. This was a great post avid. Keep the write coming! ❤

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  2. This only comes from an Avid Observer. It is simply wonderful to say so about the brain, its capacity to store memories. As you have said they are so useful and helpful.
    My congrats to this post, it is one of the rare posts I have read. My Pats!
    Collecting memories…. hahaha😀👍👌

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  3. People who have to be ‘entertained’ every minute of the day are people who are not happy with themselves. They cannot stand to be alone with their thoughts or the views people have of them. I know these people and hope I never am like that. Be still and know I am GOD is one of the best quotes in the world. We need time alone to help us understand what is really going on.

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  4. Oh my! This is such a wonderful piece on memory! I love memories – even the ones that are painful! They serve as reminders for the need to make better choices! Great topic, great info and presentation of the value of memories. Bravo

    Thanks for following me!!! I hope You won’t mind if I reblog this piece, will You???

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely feedback.
      My blog posts are for reader’s benefit only. So, do whatever: bookmark it, pin it, reblog ir or share it with someone.. anything you like. I wont mind at all; instead I will be happy that it helped. 🙂


  5. It’s a tough one sometimes : memories can delight and dishearten, inspire love and fuel resentment, motivate us to BE BETTER then sadden us at the reminder of who we were and now regret having been. I’m elated and at peace since having my beautiful baby that now, my most prominent memories are of him and the darker ones of past regret and hurt are slowly being erased. 🌺

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