Bitter! and Much Bitter!

Daily prompt-Bitter

I was pondering on this word “BITTER”. And started confusing myself; believe me I’m really good at this. But hey, don’t worry my confusions are not so contagious.  

So, here are my CONFUSIONS and their CONCLUSIONS…………..

The word “Bitter” can not only describe a taste but also Speech, Sound and Attitude.

Explaining which taste could be described as bitter isn’t that difficult; For this just search for a bitter guard or a lemon(take a bite of its covering or its seed).        

*Now have some jam or sugar and continue reading this 😛

But, Bitter Speech? Bitter Sound? and Bitter Attitude? No, you didn’t miss any biology classes; the taste buds are located only on your tongues. Period.

Bitter Speech :

Kind of speeches that when delivered can give you bruises. These can tear you….these can burn you. These speeches contain words designed to hit you at the right places. These kind of speeches can have stronger effect on you if delivered by someone Close to you.

Damage once done through speech can’t be undone…………

Bitter Sounds :

Well actually these are sounds produced by Criticisms and sometimes by Truth. Criticism specially done on your Looks, Color, Size, Shape, Gender, Religion or on your beliefs are bitter. Truth/ Facts about yourself that you think are ugly when gets disclosed Sounds Bitter; a lair, a cheater or a betrayer inside you when gets revealed your surroundings will sound Bitter to you. 

A Hurtful comment/ criticism or an unpleasant truth Stings……..

Bitter Attitude:

An attitude possessed mainly by narcissists: People who love to degrade or demean others. These people will never miss an opportunity to blame you for a mistake you never did and to make you feel guilty. They got manipulative communication skills. These people are scary as they might not appear bad when seen from a distance. 

If one follows unhealthy Ego and Selfishness his Brain gets filled with Bitterness…..

Now, that you know the stuffs that are Bitter or can make you bitter : Grab some positivities, good characteristics and qualities like love, kindness, honesty….etc. And continue living your lives FILLING IT  with SWEETNESS.


Sweetness of HONEY doesn’t Change

It Heals, Nourishes


Never Goes Stale; with TIME



8 thoughts on “Bitter! and Much Bitter!

  1. There is truth in your words…..Honey is wonderful, isn’t it? Nice response…. I tried this prompt, but I’m too busy to post it. Also, it doesn’t go with the theme of my blog exactly. Maybe I’ll post it in your comments section???

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      1. Cool! Thanks for letting me share. I loved all your thoughts. I wanted to share my poem about bitterness with someone. Someone once predicted I would be bitter someday. That didn’t seem like me….

        For the Man Who Predicted I Would Grow Old, Bitter, and Lonely:
        My Response—Old, Yes, But Not Bitter or Lonely

        I know that even when I am old,
        possibly on a house on a hill by myself,
        my bones aching for release,
        I will be connected to a sky full of angels
        and a never-ending love from a compassionate God.

        I’m only intimidating to those not yet as free,
        those who have forgotten the wings of their spirits,
        those who have forgotten how to play their heart strings
        and others like a guitar, forgotten that we are here
        for the music and gone quickly as a shooting star.

        You tell me my life will be disappointing,
        and I will be old, bitter, and lonely.
        I would like to introduce you to my father—
        a man who laughed and joked as death carried him away.
        I’m that free too. I’m that certain.

        Whatever this material world is—
        it is only what we make of it.

        Pain and hurt is destroyed in the fire that is my soul,
        and I promise I’ll stay around to smile & exhale,
        a friend to all.

        After the battle scars,
        the slings and arrows of outrageous characters,
        I can raise my glass of sparkling water and toast
        the happiness of everyone, for their happiness
        is my happiness as well.

        I’m more joyful than you imagine.
        Think sunlight, green pastures, hawks, and eagles.
        Think evergreen trees, waterfalls, steep cliffs,
        and hidden trails through a forest.
        Think hiking by a stream and floating timeless in a lake.
        Think laughter and esoteric study.

        Think love, love, love, sweet love.
        I have a man’s true love, and I know his love will be with me always,
        even if he dies before me or even if he leaves me.
        I will remember the love with gratitude
        for having experienced it.

        Think better, not bitter, thoughts for me,
        for you, and for all of us.

        —Tricia Barker

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