Harmful=Bad and Harmless= Good.Always?

  • We walk on the road following rules so that we don’t get into an accident .

  •  We operate on machines taking precautions so that we don’t cause damage to anything or anyone.

  •  We even cut paper taking great care so we don’t hurt our hands.

I think we humans have a natural protective instinct. We protect ourselves from anything that has potential to harm us .


We hesitate to take even a tiniest decision fearing about the consequences . Often ending up following the herd.

But its Life and ONE CANNOT PLAY SAFE EVERY TIME . Taking risks is a part of growing and learning. During this growth Mistakes will Happen.We cannot learn without making mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes Will Hurt you , Damage Your Faith and can also Turn Out As The Best Experience You Ever Had.

Don’t be afraid of the consequences when you decide to do something new cause even in living life you got the Risk of Dying but; that doesn’t mean you should stick to your bed and cease all your activities cause Risk is There Too.

Everything around us have the potential to harm us .

No one in the world is safe.

If You Don’t Take Risks “You Will Die Wondering WHAT IF“.

So, Take your Chances ;make Mistakes ; Learn; Grow from it; Rise and make your Leap.

And if you still don’t understand that why you should not choose the Easier way?

Because, then Your Life Will Suck !!






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